The DBANZ Discuss list

Here at Deafblind Association New Zealand, we know that this dual disability can create a sense of isolation and frustration. Let’s use the online tools we have at our disposal to support one another.

The DBANZ Discuss List is a way for those with an interest in deafblind issues to communicate about a wide range of topics. From service and social policy issues, to technology that might mitigate deafblindness, to strategies for feeling more included, all deafblind-related topics are welcome.

So how does this work? It’s pretty simple to get going and start contributing. We’ll work through the three easy steps with you in order: Join, Confirm, Participate.

Step One, Join the discussion

To let us know that you want to receive emails from our discussion group, you’ll need to send an email to

To make it easier for you, you can choose the below link, which will open your email client with all the details filled in. Then, just press the key you usually do to send the email.

Choose this link to send us an email opting into messages from our discussion list.

Step Two, Confirm

Very soon after you send the email opting into the discussion group, you’ll receive an automated email asking you to confirm that you really want to receive our emails. This is a requirement that stops someone else from signing you up to messages you don’t want.

To confirm that you do want to be a part of the Discuss List, reply to the email and press Send. There’s no need to add anything to the email, just replying and pressing Send will do the trick.

Once a moderator has seen and approved your application, you’ll start receiving messages from our group.

You’ll know the message has come from our group because it will have “DBANZ-Discuss” at the beginning of the subject.

Step Three, Participate

Congratulations! Now that you’re signed up, don’t be shy. We’d love to get your questions, opinions, and suggestions. To reply to a message you have read, choose the Reply function of your email client, type your message, and press Send. When you reply to a message from the DBANZ Discuss List, it is sent to all participants in the group, not just to the individual who sent the message you’re replying to. Be mindful of this, because anything you send to the group is a public communication, a bit like speaking up in a group meeting.

To start a new topic, you can post to our group by sending a message to:

We look forward to your being a part of our discussion group and bringing our community closer together.