Financial Report to 31 March 2018 for AGM – print (audio to be added)

Financial Report to 31 March 2018 for AGM 

It is my pleasure to present the financial report for the year ended 31st March 2018.

For the year we received funding as per Grant from Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind for $60,000.  Of this $30,000 was received in October 2017 with the balance not being received until May 2018, outside this reporting timeframe.

This $30,000 has been put on term deposit until required for the projects as per year two of the work plan.

It will become necessary for the Board to consider funding from other sources as we are aware the funding from the Blind Foundation is only secured for a finite time.  The forthcoming projects and associated costings will be discussed in the work plan for year 2 but it is encouraging to know we are financially secure going into our second year.

We are using Xero for our financial reporting which enables the reports to be prepared quickly and accurately, incorporating all the receipts provided.  We have learnt the pdf documents are not overly user friendly to the deafblind and so will prepare all reports in excel going forward.

The internet banking function is slightly laborious and difficult to use, especially in terms of authorisation of payments.  We hope to implement a more timely and accurate payment policy to streamline the use of the ASB website whereby we process all payments once per month only.

I am happy with the financial reporting processes for the establishment phase and will continue to monitor and improve as required by our organisation and funders.

I thank the Board members and CEO Amanda Stevens for their support throughout the year, and for providing all the financial records on a timely basis.

I look forward to working with the Board and the Deafblind community in the forthcoming year and seeing the Deafblind Association of NZ Charitable Trust continue to grow in reaching out to the community and corroborating with other services in identifying those we can assist.


Lynda Stevenson, CA

Financial Controller for Deafblind Association of New Zealand Charitable Trust